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About Excel Academy



Ever since Brandon Kim, owner and director at Excel Academy, was a kid, he has had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning. He remarks how one time when he was just eight-years-old, his home had a bug infestation. Young Mr. Kim created an experiment with three different chemical solutions to see which one would trap and kill the most bugs, proving to be a viable disinfectant that his parents could use. The winner? Apple cider vinegar mixed with a few drops of dish soap. 


Flash forward to today, and Mr. Brandon still loves solving problems, and in a broader sense, understanding the workings 

of how our world is connected. These passions for exploring the unknown and pushing himself out of his comfort zone

inspired him to start Excel Academy in 2015. Excel Academy is not an ordinary learning institute. It is a family that values critical thinking, communication, and results. Mr. Kim works tirelessly to ensure each and every kid is equipped to solve the problems of tomorrow, today. 


Our commitment to critical thinking: 


We live in a democratic society, one that supports a free exchange of ideas. One advantage of this freedom is the

opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions about various topics with a diverse population. Sometimes, we support the status quo; other times, we challenge establishment; but always, we learn and acquire new experiences that prepare us to make better decisions in our future. This ability to listen to the opinions of others, analyze their thoughts, synthesize their reasoning, and then form our own perspectives in response is the basis of what we call critical thinking.


Those who can think critically will often find more success, not only in school but also in life. Fortunately, critical thinking

ability can be trained and honed, with better results the earlier one begins.


Our mission is to provide our students with excellent tutoring and mentorship, suffused with ample opportunities to develop critical thinking skills. Because all of our classes emphasize active participation and engagement between student and

student, student, and teacher, and student and curriculum—some of which can be quite challenging—our students will gain

the critical skills required to become better problem solvers, decision-makers, and contributors to society. 


Our commitment to communication:


At Excel Academy, you will always be kept in the loop. At other learning centers, parents often find it difficult to track their children’s progress on a regular basis nor do they know the content of each tutoring session. As a result, all teachers at Excel Academy provide an online report of each class every day, to which parents have immediate access.


Our commitment to results:


Why say anything when our results speak for themselves.

  • On average, we have 40+ students that score over 1450 on the SAT and 34 on the ACT every year. 

  • We have more than 30 students with National Merit Semifinalist designations. 

  • We have had students score a perfect 1600 (SAT) on their first attempt. 

  • We had a student score a perfect 36 (ACT) in Winter 2017. 

  • We had another 2 students score a perfect 36 (ACT) in February 2020. 

  • We have had two Nevada Presidential Scholars in 2019 and 2020. 

  • And finally, we have had a B. Duke Scholar Program Finalist (only one of 9 students) in 2020. 


And in 2019, we have had students admitted into: 


  • Harvard University (1)*

  • Yale University (1)*

  • Princeton University (2)*

  • Stanford University (1)*

  • Duke University

  • Arizona State University

  • Case Western Reserve University

  • Purdue University

  • UC Berkeley (1)

  • UCLA (1)

  • The University of Pittsburgh, Pre-Dental (1)

  • UC San Diego (1)

  • USC (2)

*These students were featured in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Check them out here:

Additional Acceptance Letters


Columbia University (1), Dartmouth University (1), Duke University (1), Emory University (2), Georgetown University (1), Pepperdine University(1), University of Florida (2), CalPoly Pomona (1), UC Irvine (1), UCLA (1), University of Pennsylvania (1), University of Minnesota (1), UNLV (2), University of San Diego (1), USC (1), William and Mary College (1), Washington University in St. Louis (1), and Villanova University (1)


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