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Portfolio and Resume Help

It’s become more and more essential for high school students to highlight their accomplishments and experience outside of class in order to stand out from other college applicants. Our College Counseling Specialists at Excel Academy can help you craft peerless resumes and portfolios that will showcase the hard work you’ve done throughout your high school career, and demonstrate to admissions committees that you deserve to be admitted to the colleges of your choice.


Let Us Help

 Our mentors will assist you as you craft a professional resume to be included as part of your college application. Not only will they advise you on what accomplishments and extracurricular activities to highlight in your resume, but also help edit and revise the writing of your resume, to guarantee that each part of your resume provides an accurate and impressive record of your many achievements.


We can also develop portfolios and websites for students who hope to exhibit their artwork, published stories and articles, video clips from soccer matches or swim meets, or any other supplementary material you’d like to showcase as part of your college application. Our team of web designers can create a website that illustrates your personality and extracurricular feats,

Excel Academy's Annual College Counseling Webinar 2021

Join us to learn about:

•Application Process for 2021

•Opportunities for Financial Aid/Scholarships

•Extracurricular Activities (including our very own Voice of Vegas)

•General essay guidance

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Top 3 Resume Tips

1. Professional appearance
Looks matter, and not just during the interview. If your resume appears slapped together, you're not going to make a positive first impression and invite the recruiter to want to read the specific content.

  • Does the resume look professional? There are free resume templates available on the Web. Search Careerbuidler and find one you like, and edit it to reflect your experience.

  • Are margins at least ½" on all sides, but no more than 1"?

  • If the resume is over one page in length, is it warranted? A good rule of thumb: one page equals 10 years' experience.

  • Are bold and italics used selectively to emphasize important information?

2. Well-organized
Clean and simple is the best. It should be easy to skim and see the progression of your work experience. Is there enough information within each section to substantiate the need for a heading?

  • Is there one space between each section?

  • Is the content of each section single spaced?

3. Compelling content
Companies are interested in hiring people who can make their organizations better. List accomplishments—not tasks. Your resume should indicate how you've created success for your past employers.

  • Is information relevant to your career interest area? If not, consider being brief in these irrelevant areas if your resume is exceeding a single page.

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Commitment to Results


Why say anything when our results speak for themselves.

  • On average, we have 40+ students that score over 1450 on the SAT and 34 on the ACT every year. 

  • We have more than 30 students with National Merit Semifinalist designations. 

  • We have had students score a perfect 1600 (SAT) on their first attempt. 

  • We had a student score a perfect 36 (ACT) in Winter 2017. 

  • We had another 2 students score a perfect 36 (ACT) in February 2020. 

  • We have had two Nevada Presidential Scholars in 2019 and 2020. 

  • And finally, we have had a B. Duke Scholar Program Finalist (only one of 9 students) in 2020. 

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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin

Don't leave your college experience to chance. Let our counselors guide you to the right college and path for you. With our help, you'll be prepared for when it counts the most. 

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