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Can I work with the same teacher?
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Absolutely! In fact, we pride ourselves on working to keep students with the same tutor. We believe that establishing a relationship between students and tutors is the first step to success. We understand that each child is different and work to find a tutor who matches your child’s needs and personality. If we can accomplish this, we have set a foundation for learning that is indispensable.

With what subjects and levels can I get help?
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Does your child need help with phonics? Does she need help passing a History exam for her college course? Because Excel employs former college professors and current public-school teachers in the Las Vegas area, we are able to provide quality help at any academic level. 

How do I get a teacher?
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Simply call or email, and we will be able to easily match you with a teacher entirely qualified to suit your student's needs. 

What is a Student Success Coach?
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A Student Success Coach works with students who are not meeting their academic potential. The coach meets with the students to help them get their grades on track, complete homework, and study for exams. If needed, Coaches will reach out to the students' teachers to enlist their help in making a plan for student success.

Can I review my previous sessions?
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Yes! Excel Academy is one of the few tutoring centers at which this is possible! Notes for student progress and success are written after every session, so parents can review their students' progress every day.  

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What's the minimum time to work with a teacher?

We are available for any amount of time your student needs. Some of our students have worked with us for over two years, and others have come in for just three sessions in preparation for an exam. We tailor all curricula to the students' needs. 

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