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SAT / ACT Program

Do you want help achieving a high score on the SAT?

Are you stuck with a score you are not satisfied with, unable to improve no matter how hard you try?

We have designed our SAT and ACT preparatory programs for students with different motivations but the same goal: to get the best score possible so they stand out to colleges.


We offer group classes and one-on-one sessions for both the SAT and ACT preparatory courses. These intensive 4-hour classes help by covering every part of the exam and give students the tips and tricks they need to receive top scores. 


Our students routinely receive 800 on the SAT Math sections and 700+ on the SAT Reading and English section; our ACT students regularly achieve scores over 30.


Taking ACT and SAT practice exams has been shown to boost students' scores on the real exam. As such, we offer monthly ACT and SAT practice tests so students can track their progress and make sure they are on the path to success. 


Want to learn more about our classes? Sign up for a free 2-hour diagnostic test and a 30 minute consultation so we can set up a plan for your testing success!



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