3 Factors Admissions Officers Consider

No matter what grade your student is in, it’s important to know what admission officers consider when reviewing student applications.

1) High school transcripts – The classes a student takes are often viewed as the most important factor in the selection process. Has your student carefully thought about which class to take?

2) Grades – A student’s grades show a student’s capabilities and motivation. However, they must be viewed in the context of the courses taken. Make sure your student gets every advantage possible and signs up for weekly tutoring session with our college-educated tutors who know what it takes to succeed.

3) Test Scores – In recent years, much debate has risen in regards to the weight test scores carry in the admissions process. While an increasing number of colleges have expressed the decreased importance of test scores, the majority still require SAT or ACT test scores on an application. A good score requires preparation. Every month we offer affordable test prep packages for the SAT and ACT exams.

Have you thought about these things?

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