The wind blew cold then.
During the period of

death, I sang a song. 
     -- haiku by Young, 6th grade

Pine needles covered
the ground--a blanket of dead men after the war.

       --haiku by Dasha, 5th grade

The moon. Why do you

say it is haunted? It is
only just a moon.
      -- haiku by Cara, 3rd grade

While cold winds blow, a 
kiss on the forehead is a 
crackling fire. 

     --haiku by Haeun, 6th grade

Like a pianist 
who expresses into keys,
poems share feeling. 
       --haiku by Eden, 5th grade

The cold seeps into 

us. Snowing trees, silent street--
Our dog warms my foot.
       --haiku by anonymous

Beautiful city 

views reflected in their eyes.

It all disappears. 

     --haiku by Eunjoo, 6th grade

Waking up from the
rising sun, the streets were full
of morning silence.
       --haiku by Eden, 5th grade

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