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Our Tutors

Of the hundreds of candidates who apply to Excel Academy every year, a handful are invited to join our roster of exceptional educators. A record of outstanding academic achievement is, of course, a must. But beyond that, we look for individuals who possess the difficult-to-measure qualities that are essential to good teaching. Above all, we prize the kind of intellectual empathy that enables teachers to intuitively understand their students’ thought processes, and to tailor their instruction accordingly.


Denise Lackamp



As the English Department Head of Excel Academy, Denise is most concerned that students create during their pre-collegiate years a foundation of grammarianism, logical argumentation, and sensitivity toward the Other. Those who study with Denise at Excel will engage with the meter and meaning of poetry, the fallacies of the rhetorician, and the not-so-myriad ways in which English verbs are conjugated--at least in relation to their Latin counterparts!



Manager / Academic Consultant

As the Manager and Academic Consultant at Excel Academy, David constantly strives to create an environment for students to enjoy learning, and a trustworthy relationship for the parents. Excel’s core value, Excellence = Initiation + Collaboration + Dedication, is deeply rooted in David. He dedicates his time and effort to ensure he has done everything he can to make sure the Student’s and their Parents have obtained guidance and understanding to plan for their pre-collegiate years. David also manages both Excel Academy locations (Henderson & Summerlin). 



SAT/ACT, College Counseling

As head of SAT/ACT and college counseling, Mr. Keyman is recognized for his ability to improve his students' test scores and motivate them to perform the best they can, both academically and socially. He is a Berkeley graduate with 17 years (and still counting) of experience in college prep and a successful track record of getting kids into T-20 colleges and the UC's. He believes the key to college admissions success lies in the ability to demonstrate the unique qualities of a student that distinguish that student from every other.


Derek Livingston

Theatre Arts

Mr. Derek — Derek Livingston — earned his Bachelors of Arts in Theatre Arts from Brown University and a Masters of Fine Arts from UCLA’s School of Film and Television.  He still acts and directors sometimes, and in his free time, he writes.  In fact, he loves the written word; Mr. Derek really enjoys helping students appreciate artful language and craft cogent and clear writing.  His favorite novelist is Toni Morrison (you should know her!), and he reads and watches Shakespeare just for fun



General education

Janet has 20 years of experience as a teacher, most of it at the Middle School level. She has also taught Science on the Elementary School level and Biology for non majors at The College of Southern Nevada. Janet enjoys working with the students at Excel Academy and helping them reach their full potential.


Tania Lee


Tania Lee Fellows has been a Phonics and Early Learner tutor for 5 years, and a homeschool teacher for over 10 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at San Diego in Art History.  Tania has a love for teaching, students, history and literacy.



Stay Tuned for upcoming staff announcements



Stay Tuned for upcoming staff announcements 



Stay Tuned for upcoming staff announcements 

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