Do you want the Excel Difference for your student ?​

At Excel Academy, we know that you care about your student’s academic achievements. It is Paradigm shift. We’ve redefined the meaning of CARE and put it into an online system.

The Excel Care Program helps students achieve academic success with state-of-the-art progress monitoring; on-the-spot communication between parents, students, and teachers; and in-depth mentorship. 

What Makes Our Program Different?

Excel Academy’s ExcelCare is a student care platform that connects teachers, students, and parents. And ExcelCare is available anytime, anywhere with just a Smartphone! With ExcelCare, you can see your student’s progress, performance, attendance, and homework quality at a glance. ExcelCare gives you the information you need right at your fingertips!

 ExcelCare is available when you need it most. The reply button lets you communicate with us at any time. Just click and leave a message. That’s it! Our teachers and coordinators will be there with the answers you need.

 We at Excel Academy know that there’s more to teaching than just helping students ace tests, so ExcelCare provides the mentorship your student needs to go beyond. ExcelCare’s academic progress tracking system allows our teachers to identify your student’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can provide individualized guidance and advice for every student. 

 Today, managing students’ academic success requires time, patience, and care. With ExcelCare, our teachers will be there anytime and anywhere to help your student Excel! 

Yes! With ExcelCare there is no time restrictions. Check your students progress 24/7 , and we update the progress of each student after each session.

Currently ExcelCare if available to your student at no extra charge to you.

ExcelCare is available on all of our packages and sessions. Please ask an admin for more information.